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DansGuardian Anti-Virus Plugin

Current DansGuardian Anti-Virus Work is being done at:

Aecio F. Neto's DansGuardian Anti-Virus Portal

Versions available on this site:

3.1 for DansGuardian 2.6.1-3
4.2 for DansGuardian 2.7.1-4

Virus-Scripts 1.05


Our software is a GPL addon that takes the Virus Scanning capabilities of The MailScanner and integrates them into the content filtering web proxy DansGuardian.

The files/pages will appear to not be being downloaded. This is due to the fact that all the content/file has to be downloaded by the proxy before it can be scanned. I have implemented a trickle effect, where if you are downloading a file and it takes longer than 30 seconds, you get the first byte of the file. After that it only trickles a byte every minute. This has proven to keep the browser alive. The only potential drawback is if the file is infected, the user possibly has the first couple of bytes of the infected file.  If you really don't like this and want to see the download like normal, there is now the ability to do this starting with version 3.1 and 4.1 of the AntiVirus patches.

Currently F-Prot and Clam AntiVirus are the only anti-virus engines we are testing. See MailScanner for a complete list of supported virus engines. I have tried converting the parsing code for the other engines, but since I don't have access to them, I can't test the code.

Sophos has been confirmed as working by a tester.

Download patches against DansGuardian 2.6.x (Current Stable Version)
Download patches against DansGuardian 2.7.x (Current Development Version)

Download support files (Virus Scripts, etc.)

Download patches against DansGuardian 2.4.x (Deprecated - No longer maintained/developed)
Download patches against DansGuardian 2.5.x (Deprecated - No longer maintained/developed)

DansGuardian 2.6.x INSTALL documentation
DansGuardian 2.7.x INSTALL documentation


2004-03-16 - Noting that Aecio F. Neto is doing the current development and maintenance work on the AV Plugin.

2003-07-29 - 4.2 released! This adds the ability to specify you don't want exception sites to be virus scanned. This feature courtesy of Aecio F. Neto. Also updated to cover DansGuardian 2.7.1-4.

Added a Related Links section to the page and removed most info about the 2.4.x and 2.5.x patches as they are no longer being maintained.

2003-07-28 - 3.1 updated for DansGuardian 2.6.1-3. The language patch is now integrated into the AV patch overall to simplify maintenance.

2003-07-01 - DansGuardian-Virus-Scripts 1.05 released! Updated clamav-autoupdate and bitdefender scripts among others.

2003-05-14 - 4.1 released! This adds the TrickleBuffer enhancements that were introduced in version 3.1.

2003-05-14 - 4.0 released! This is just 2.2 ported against DansGuardian 2.7.1-0.

2003-05-08 - 3.1 released! This cleans up some minor documentation and build issues with the spec file. Adds the TrickleBuffer enhancement by Aecio F. Neto that allows you to specify you want all but X bytes sent to the browser as it is being downloaded and only send the last X bytes if the file is not infected. This improves the feedback issues that users have been complaining about. The config file still defaults to the old behaviour, since this is a possible means of letting infected files still get through to a large extent.

2003-05-02 - 3.0 released! This is just 2.2 ported against DansGuardian 2.6.0-0. Minor cleanups needed to get the language patch to apply.

2003-04-04 - 1.3 and 2.2 released! No major changes other than the latest virus code from The MailScanner project has been included (though not the SAVI support yet). The only other enhancement/bug fix was a memory leak was fixed after being pointed out by Michele Bergonzoni.

2003-01-13 - 1.2 and 2.1 released! This adds a status file for each file being downloaded by the virus scanning code. A sample monitor.pl script is included in the support directory. Read the AntiVirusINSTALL docs for more details. My language support patch for 2.5.3-4 is also available, but only patches cleanly against the Anti-Virus patched version of DansGuardian.

2003-01-07 - DansGuardian-Virus-Scripts 1.02 released which incorporates the latest changes that The MailScanner software provides.

2002-12-17 - 2.0 released! This is 1.0 and 1.1 code against DansGuardian 2.5.3-3. Much faster startup time!

2002-12-17 - 1.1 released! The postmaster email has been cleaned up and now also contains the users IP address. The virus scan scripts have been updated to the latest version included with The MailScanner software. The rpm spec files have been updated to better replace a stock DansGuardian rpm.

2002-11-27 - 1.0 released! The postmaster and possibly the user will now be notified when a virus is found. This uses Mail::Sender perl module available from CPAN or from our support directory. We are providing an rpm for this and the spec file so you can build your own if needed. You can now quarantine the infected file for later retrieval. You can specify what directory the temporary files are to be downloaded into instead of just /tmp/dgvirus. A major bug that would cause https to an exceptioned site to just hang is also fixed. F-Prot parsing is much improved.

2002-11-24 - Updated rpm spec file released. A major build bug was fixed that would cause the process to fail if you hadn't already installed DansGuardian on the build system. If building an rpm, you now need linux.in-rpmfixup.patch. See the updated AntiVirusINSTALL file for build instructions.

2002-11-22 - 1.0rc4 released. You can now specify files by extension or mime-type that should not be virus scanned. By default most images and some other media formats are excluded. This allows for faster downloads of websites that heavily use images. RPM spec files are now provided to build DansGuardian with the Anti-Virus Plugin applied. The virus scanning support scripts are now bundled in a seperate package dansguardian-virus-scripts (look in the support directory).

2002-10-21 - 1.0rc3 released. Improves error checking and error handling. Support has been added for AntiVir virus scanner provided by G. H. J. Dorssers.

2002-08-14 - 1.0rc2 released. Adds ability to disable the virus scanning code completely and all file streams (non html/text) are written to disk immediately instead of being kept in memory. This provides for much faster performance.

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