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squidGuard Database Administration App


Our software is a GPL application that plugs into the PCX Portal framework to provide a web administration interface to squidGuards blacklists and any user defined allowed domains and urls entries. The proxy running squidGuard can then connect to the PCX Portal server and request the latest config file changes. When it detects changes, it then merges them into the allowed/blacklist files and then restarts squid/squidGuard.

Download code:


Install the PCX Portal
Install the squidGuard Portal app
Make sure the squidGuardUpdate.cgi script is accessible as servername/cgi-bin/squidGuardUpdate.cgi

On the squid proxy machine:
Put the squidGuard script in /etc/rc.d/init.d or where your init scripts go, but then you will need to modify some paths in updateSquidGuard.sh.
Place updateSquidGuard.sh in your path somewhere (/usr/local/bin, etc.) and then make a cronjob that calls it every 5 minutes or however often you want the proxy to check for changes to the allowed/blacklist entries.

Note: All paths were assuming that squidGuard was installed in /usr/local/squidGuard. You will need to change to fit your installed location if different.

Note2: The squidGuard script implements a technique I came up with for allowing you to specify an entry you want in the blacklist files even if the tarball you download removed it. Please study the scripts before using as we are not liable for any lost data, etc.


2002-11-12 - 0.0.02 released to the public under the GPL.

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